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Spelk Creative, founded by Phil Nixon, is a York-based motion design studio that specialises in creating dynamic motion graphics and video content for innovative companies. With a focus on enhancing user experiences across various digital platforms, Spelk Creative aims to tell compelling product stories and guide customers through engaging and memorable interactions. To reflect their contemporary and future-focused approach, Spelk Creative sought a brand identity that encapsulated their cutting-edge creativity and forward-thinking ethos. Drawing inspiration from the meaning of the word “spelk” – a splinter or sliver of wood – we aimed to incorporate elements that symbolise precision, detail, and the impact of small yet significant contributions.

Project Overview

Our collaboration with Spelk Creative began with a detailed exploration of their brand vision and goals. Through in-depth consultation with Phil, we delved into the unique aspects of his work, the target audience, and the desired perception of the brand. The objective was to develop a modern, sleek, and versatile brand identity that would resonate with forward-thinking companies and showcase Spelk Creative’s expertise in motion design.

Clients Needs

Spelk Creative required a brand identity that would:

→ Convey a contemporary and future-focused aesthetic.

→ Reflect the dynamic and innovative nature of their motion design work.

→ Appeal to forward-thinking companies looking for cutting-edge design solutions.

→ Be versatile enough to work across various digital and print mediums.

→ Enhance their professional image and set them apart in a competitive market.

Our Solution

Logo design for Spelk Creative, Bold san serif font in vibrant blue

To meet Spelk Creative’s needs, we crafted a brand identity that was modern, sleek, and visually striking. Key elements of the solution included:

Logo Design: We created a minimalist yet impactful logo that embodies motion and fluidity, symbolising the essence of Spelk Creative’s work. Inspired by the meaning of “spelk,” the logo incorporates sharp, angular elements reminiscent of a splinter, highlighting precision and attention to detail.

Colour Palette: The colour palette features a combination of bold and neutral tones, balancing vibrancy with professionalism. The primary colours are dynamic and energetic, reflecting the creative nature of motion design, while the neutral tones ensure versatility and sophistication.

Typography: We selected modern, sans-serif fonts that complement the sleek design of the logo. The typography is clean and highly legible, suitable for both digital and print media. It reinforces the contemporary and future-focused aesthetic of the brand.

Visual Elements: To enhance the brand’s visual identity, we developed a set of custom motion graphics and animation elements that can be integrated across various touchpoints. These elements showcase Spelk Creative’s expertise and add a dynamic layer to their brand presence.

Brand Guidelines: We provided a comprehensive brand style guide detailing the usage of the logo, colour palette, typography, and visual elements. This ensures consistency across all brand communications and marketing materials.

Woman holding a page with logos designs for a motion graphics company in bright bold red, orange and blue colour palette
2 business cards showing brand identity design for a motion graphics company, Spelk. showing the logo and circular brand icon on bright contrasting colours
Baseball cap i vibrant deep blue colour with Brand icon in yellow on the from with the brand logo printed on the peak of the hat

The End Result

The brand identity design for Spelk Creative successfully encapsulated their contemporary and future-focused vision. The new brand identity not only reflects the innovative and dynamic nature of their work but also positions them as a leading motion design studio for forward-thinking companies.

The incorporation of elements inspired by the meaning of “spelk” adds a unique touch, emphasising precision and the impactful nature of small details. The cohesive and versatile design elements have enhanced Spelk Creative’s professional image, helping them attract new clients and stand out in the competitive field of motion design.

The project has provided Spelk Creative with a strong visual foundation to support their growth and continued success in the industry.

Man wearing a red t shirt with the vertical version of the Spelk logo printed ont he front, part of the brand collateral created in the brand identity project

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