Sarah Plews (Make Up Artist)







Brand Design Direction

Sarah Plews is a distinguished aesthetician and makeup artist renowned for her exceptional skill and talent in the industry. Seeking to rebrand, Sarah wanted a timeless and luxurious brand identity that reflected her years of experience and the premium service she provides to her clients. The brand design direction aimed to convey a sense of luxury and elegance, capturing the essence of Sarah’s expertise and sophistication.

Project Overview

Our collaboration with Sarah Plews started with an in-depth exploration of her brand identity and aspirations. Through brand discovery consultations, we gained insights into Sarah’s unique aesthetic style, clientele, and vision for her brand. With a focus on crafting a brand identity that exuded luxury and femininity, we knew we wanted to design a sophisticated visual brand identity that would resonate with Sarah’s target audience.

Clients Needs

Sarah Plews sought to rebrand her business to better reflect her premium services and expertise in the makeup and aesthetics industry. As a highly skilled professional, she required a brand identity that would convey her years of experience and the luxurious nature of her services. Our challenge was to create a brand identity that captured Sarah’s refined aesthetic while remaining timeless and versatile.

Our Solution

Secondary logo designed as part of the branding package

Understanding the importance of creating an elevated luxurious feel in Sarah’s brand identity, we crafted a sophisticated brand identity that reflected her professionalism and expertise. Drawing inspiration from Sarah’s refined style, we developed a logo and brand elements that exuded elegance and sophistication. Utilising a timeless colour palette and elegant typography, we created a brand identity that felt luxurious yet approachable.

In addition to the logo and brand elements, we also developed a comprehensive brand style guide to ensure consistency across all touchpoints. From business cards to social media graphics, every aspect of Sarah Plews’ brand identity was meticulously designed to convey a sense of luxury and elegance.

Black cards showing the primary logo and submark for a make up artist
Piece of paper showing the colour palette devised for a make up artist based in York
Brand pattern created for a make up artist, on both black and teracotta paper

The End Result

The rebranding of Sarah Plews helped to elevate her brand.

The timeless and luxurious brand identity we created has helped Sarah attract high-end clientele and position herself as a leading authority in the makeup and aesthetics industry.

Overall, the brand identity encapsulates Sarah’s years of experience and the premium service she offers to her clients, setting her apart in a competitive market.

Female bride professionally made up with brand secondary logo overlayed

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