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Brand Design Direction

Laura approached us as she was pivoting her business from Reiki therapist to offering a more holistic approach that integrates life coaching and various therapeutic modalities. Seeking to communicate her core values of integrity, positivity, and supportiveness, we worked with Laura to craft a comprehensive brand identity and website that would resonate with her evolving clientele. The goal was to craft a distinct brand identity and a custom website to position her as an experienced and trend-forward professional in the industry.

Project Overview

Our collaboration with Laura began with an in-depth exploration of her brand values and aspirations. We gained a deep understanding of Laura’s vision and the essence she sought to convey through her brand. Using this insight, we embarked on a journey to design a cohesive visual brand identity that would encapsulate Laura’s holistic approach to wellbeing, and understand the goals of her new website before creating a beautiful custom website design.

The Client’s Branding and
Website Design Needs

As Laura transitioned her business to encompass a broader spectrum of therapeutic services, she recognised the need for a brand identity that would reflect this evolution. She also needed a professional website that embodied her branding but also provided a great user experience for potential clients to learn more about her, book her services or a place on her retreats.

Logo design for a life coach and reiki therapist
Laura Smith of Reiki coaching therapy doing yoga against the sea, with her branding and logo above her
tablet showing homepage of life coaching website
Canvas duffel bag with brand elements of the logo for a reiki therapist and life coach in natural green and beige colourways

Our Solution

Drawing inspiration from Laura’s brand values and the transformative nature of her services, we crafted a visual brand identity that exudes serenity and balance.

The incorporation of symbols such as the lotus flower and Reiki imagery into her logo design served as powerful metaphors for renewal and balance, echoing Laura’s holistic approach to wellness.

To complement these visual elements, we curated a colour palette that evokes a sense of grounding and harmony, mirroring the profound sense of peace and empowerment experienced by Laura’s clients. 

We collaborated closely with Laura to design a custom WordPress website that embodies the essence of her brand, providing a tranquil sanctuary where visitors can explore her therapy services, retreats, and coaching offerings, and easily book her services.

The End Result

The end of our collaboration with Laura resulted in a brand identity that resonates deeply with her clientele. Laura’s brand exudes a sense of calmness and empowerment.

Through her thoughtfully curated website, Laura showcases her services beautifully with conversion focussed website design that encourages potential clients to work with Laura, where they can embark on a journey of healing and transformation.

Full length minimal and elegant home page website design for reiki therapist and life coach website.

“I love my new spiritual logo!..”

“A huge thank you to Chris and Jen. I love my new spiritual logo and can’t wait to get started on rebranding my business.



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