Brand Design Project Overview

When our client got in touch, they were preparing to launch a new performance eyewear brand to the global market and wanted to create a brand identity that would position them as a premium eyewear brand. During our time together we worked on their brand strategy, competitor analysis, brand personality and visual brand design. By the end of our time together we had identified a gap in the market that they could own and developed  branding that stood out and summed up their brand personality and values.

The Clients Branding Needs

Prior to working with us, our client possessed a remarkable product and an in-depth understanding of their target audience. However, they lacked a cohesive brand identity to launch their products into the market. So they sought a robust visual brand that would resonate with their audience, thus laying the foundation for a successful product launch.

Our Solution

Performance sports eyewear brand design, Kukuna in dark blue text with Orange sun icon in orange above the text

Recognising the pivotal role of brand strategy and design in the initial stages of their venture, we worked together to uncover Kukuna’s brand essence.

Through in-depth consultations, we unravelled the core values and persona of the brand, analysing market trends and competition. Armed with insights, we curated a visual identity consisting of logo design with multiple logo variations, colour palette and typography suite, that not only carved a niche in the market but also resonated deeply with our client’s target demographic.

Women in a sporty vest on the beach, vest has stacked alternate version of the Kukuna logo
Kukuna logo and brand pattern applied to sunglasses and glasses case
Kukuna eyewear logo printed onto a blue and yellow towel

The End Result

Our market analysis unveiled a gap in the market – a demand for durable, cutting-edge eyewear crafted from eco-friendly materials.

We used this opportunity to appeal to consumers who prioritise both performance and environmental consciousness. The brand’s visual identity, carefully crafted to embody Kukuna’s persona, exudes vibrancy and embodies the laid-back ethos of sporting cultures like surfing, snowboarding, skating, and mountain biking.

By prioritising strategy before visual execution, Kukuna was equipped with a solid brand identity, instilling confidence in customers seeking premium sports eyewear.

woman snowboarding againsst a sunset, with Kukuna eyewear branding logo in bottom corner in white and yellow

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