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Brand Design Direction

Judge Electrical, led by Chris Judge, are a reputable electrical service provider based in York, known for its friendly and reliable service since the early 2000s. With aspirations to expand and diversify, the rebranding initiative aimed to create a cohesive and versatile brand identity that would support future growth into other service areas while retaining the trustworthy and approachable nature of the current business. The brand design direction focused on professionalism, reliability, and approachability, encapsulating the ethos and vision of Judge Electrical.

Project Overview

Our collaboration with Judge Electrical commenced with an in-depth brand discovery process, where we explored the company’s values, history, and future aspirations. Through consultations with Chris and Mollie, we gained insights into the unique blend of personal touch and professional service that characterises Judge Electrical. The goal was to develop a brand identity that could adapt to potential expansions, such as plumbing, plastering, and decorating services, while maintaining a strong connection to the core electrical business.

Clients Needs

Judge Electrical required a brand identity that would reflect their professional yet friendly service, cater to both domestic and commercial clients, and support the potential expansion into additional service areas. The brand needed to communicate trust, reliability, and a family-oriented approach, distinguishing Judge Electrical from more corporate competitors. Additionally, the brand identity had to be versatile enough to apply across various marketing materials, from work vans and uniforms to websites and promotional items.

Our Solution

Logo for a York electrical company, Judge Electrical. Dark and light blue text logo

To meet Judge Electrical’s needs, we designed a sophisticated yet approachable brand identity that captures the essence of the business. The new logo features a modern, clean design with subtle nods to the electrical industry, ensuring it can be easily adapted for future services. The colour palette was chosen to evoke trust and professionalism, using blues and greys complemented by a vibrant green accent colour to highlight the company’s dynamic and customer-friendly approach.

The typography combines bold, legible fonts for clarity with more refined elements to convey a sense of reliability and expertise. We included the strapline “Domestic – Commercial – Industrial” in the logo design to clearly communicate the scope of services offered.

Additionally, we developed a comprehensive brand style guide to ensure consistency across all touchpoints. This guide includes detailed instructions on logo usage, colour schemes, typography, and imagery, ensuring that every piece of communication – from business cards to social media graphics – reflects the new brand identity cohesively.

A man wearing a hi-vis vest with the logo for Judge Electrical visible on his back
2 businesses cards showing branding and logo for Judge Electrical in blue on white card
White tradesmans van with large blue logo and grey submark that reads Judge Electrical parked outside business premises

The End Result

The rebranding of Judge Electrical successfully elevated the company’s brand identity, aligning it with their vision for growth and diversification.

The new, adaptable brand identity has enhanced Judge Electrical’s professional image, helping to attract new clients across various sectors while maintaining the personal touch that existing customers value. The clear and consistent branding has also facilitated smoother operations and more effective marketing efforts, setting the stage for future expansions into new service areas.

Overall, the rebranding has strengthened Judge Electrical’s position in the market, ensuring a cohesive and professional presence that resonates with both domestic and commercial clients.

Man in a hard hat carrying out electricians duties with logo for Judge electrical in blue in the top corner

“The end result was exactly what we were looking for!”

“We recently used Mint Sauce Media for our business rebranding and we’re so pleased with the outcome. Chris and Jen were great throughout the process; friendly and professional and they really took time to get to know us and the business, meaning the end result was exactly what we were looking for! I would highly recommend Mint Sauce Media



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