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Brand and Website Design Direction

Ivy & Eve is an independent florist located in the picturesque Yorkshire town of Baildon. Known for creating distinctive and bespoke floral arrangements, Ivy & Eve emphasises exceptional customer service with a personal touch. The brand draws inspiration from the founder’s passion for floristry and her deep-rooted connection to nature, which is reflected in the name Ivy & Eve, inspired by her daughter and the ivy that adorned her home. To elevate their brand presence, Ivy & Eve sought a brand identity and website design that would encapsulate their bespoke service, environmental consciousness, and the beauty of their floral creations.

Project Overview

Our collaboration with Ivy & Eve began with an in-depth exploration of their brand story, values, and target audience. Through detailed consultation, we gained insights into the unique elements of Ivy & Eve’s floristry services, their commitment to sustainability, and their desire to create a memorable customer experience. The objective was to develop a brand identity and website that captured the elegance, personal touch, and bespoke nature of Ivy & Eve’s floral arrangements.

Client’s Branding and Website Needs

Ivy & Eve required a brand identity and website that would:

→  Reflect their bespoke, high-quality floral arrangements and personal customer service.

→  Incorporate elements of nature and sustainability.

→  Appeal to brides, grooms, and individuals seeking special occasion bouquets.

→  Be easy to navigate, with an integrated e-commerce shop for purchasing bouquets and booking workshops.

→  Showcase their portfolio of wedding and luxury bouquets.

Primary logo for Ivy & Eve, a bespoke florist based in Baildon, Yorkshire
Paper bag containing tulips and displaying the primary logo of a florist based in Yorkshire
Lady viewing a floristry website on her laptop whilst surrounded by beautiful flowers

Our Solution

To meet Ivy & Eve’s needs, we crafted a comprehensive brand identity and website design that highlighted their bespoke services and commitment to sustainability. Key elements of the solution included:

Logo Design: We designed a logo that features an elegant ivy leaf intertwined with the name Ivy & Eve. The design uses a soft green and purple colour palette, symbolising growth, harmony, and creativity. This logo reflects the natural and bespoke essence of Ivy & Eve’s floral arrangements.

Colour Palette: The colour palette combines soft greens and purples, evoking a sense of tranquillity, elegance, and connection to nature. These colours are used consistently across all branding materials to create a cohesive and visually appealing identity.

Typography: We selected a combination of classic serif and modern sans-serif fonts to convey both elegance and approachability. The typography is clean and sophisticated, ensuring readability and enhancing the overall aesthetic.

Website Design: The website was designed to be user-friendly and visually appealing, with intuitive navigation and an integrated e-commerce shop. Key features include:

Homepage: A welcoming introduction to Ivy & Eve, highlighting their bespoke services and commitment to sustainability.

E-commerce Shop: Easy-to-use platform for purchasing bouquets and floral arrangements online.

Workshops: Information and booking options for floral workshops.

Wedding Portfolio: A showcase of Ivy & Eve’s stunning wedding floral arrangements, with testimonials and inspiration galleries.

Blog: A space for sharing floral tips, wedding inspiration, and updates on Ivy & Eve’s sustainable practices.

Brand Guidelines: We provided a comprehensive brand style guide outlining the use of the logo, colour palette, typography, and visual elements. This ensures consistency across all marketing materials and communication channels.

Full length mockup of clean and informative website designed and developed by Mint Sauce Media for Ivy & Eve Florists

The End Result

The brand identity and website design for Ivy & Eve successfully captured the elegance, personal touch, and bespoke nature of their floral services. The new logo, colour palette, and typography create a cohesive and visually appealing brand presence. The website’s user-friendly design and integrated e-commerce functionality enhance the customer experience, making it easy for clients to purchase bouquets, book workshops, and explore Ivy & Eve’s portfolio. The project has provided Ivy & Eve with a strong visual foundation to continue growing their business and delighting customers with their beautiful, bespoke floral arrangements.

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