Brand Design Direction

Grit is a pioneering brand dedicated to empowering women and non-binary individuals around the world through an online community and a unique monthly product subscription. The online community offers a paid space for members to access support, engage in online events, webinars, and receive guidance from the founder, while the subscription box delivers carefully curated items that inspire and support personal growth. The brand’s ethos is rooted in authenticity, genuine human connection, and the belief that everyone has the potential to achieve their own version of success. To reflect this, Grit needed a brand identity that was bold, empowering, and refreshingly genuine, standing out from the typical pink and polished offerings in the market.

Project Overview

Our collaboration with Grit began with an extensive discovery phase to understand the brand’s vision, values, and target audience. Through deep consultations with the founder, we explored the unique aspects of Grit’s approach to community building and personal empowerment. The objective was to create a brand identity that captured the raw, edgy authenticity of Grit while remaining inviting and supportive. This brand needed to resonate with women and non-binary individuals who seek realness and motivation, offering them a sense of belonging and empowerment.

Clients Needs

Grit required a brand identity that would:

→  Reflect a contemporary, edgy, and authentic aesthetic.

→  Appeal to women and non-binary individuals aged 28 – 40 who are looking for genuine empowerment.

→  Stand out from stereotypical, polished self-help brands.

→  Be versatile enough to work across digital platforms, printed materials, and subscription boxes.

→  Convey the brand’s ethos of realness, support, and personal growth.

Our Solution

Bold, edgy logo designed for a non-binary comapny

To meet Grit’s needs, we developed a brand identity that was both bold and authentic. Key elements of the solution included:

Logo Design: We created a logo that is strong and minimalist, incorporating bold typography with clean lines. The logo symbolises resilience and strength, mirroring the brand’s name, “Grit,” and its mission to empower through authenticity and hard work.

Colour Palette: The colour palette features a mix of blue and pink tones. The muted tones reflect grounding and stability, while adding a touch of edginess and energy. This balance ensures the brand feels both authentic and empowering.

Typography: We selected modern, sans-serif fonts that are clean and bold, yet approachable. The typography is designed to be easily readable across various media, reinforcing the brand’s straightforward and genuine communication style.

Visual Elements: Custom illustrations and graphic elements were developed to complement the brand’s messaging. These elements can be used across social media, the website, and subscription boxes to create a cohesive and visually appealing identity. Edgy quotes and motivational messages can be designed with stylish fonts and colours, making them shareable and impactful.

Brand Guidelines: We provided a comprehensive brand style guide detailing the usage of the logo, colour palette, typography, and visual elements. This guide ensures consistency across all brand communications and marketing materials, maintaining the brand’s authentic and edgy vibe.

Set of stickers displaying different variations of the grit logo

The End Result

The brand identity design for Grit successfully encapsulated the brand’s vision of authenticity, empowerment, and community.

The new brand identity is bold, modern, and genuinely inspiring, setting Grit apart from traditional self-help brands. The cohesive design elements enhance Grit’s professional image and appeal to the target audience, helping them feel empowered and supported.

The project has provided Grit with a strong visual foundation to grow their online community and subscription product, ensuring they continue to inspire and empower women and non-binary individuals worldwide.

Young lady with bright pink hair, identifying as non-binary with the Grit primary logo overlayed

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