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About the Project

Katharine, a food consultant, sought to establish her consultancy, Food Curious Food. She approached us for branding and website design services to create a brand that would resonate with food businesses and agencies seeking support. The goal was to craft a distinct brand identity and a custom website to position her as an experienced and trend-forward professional in the industry.

The Challenge

Prior to engaging our services, Katharine had yet to launch Food Curious Food. Her primary objective was to ensure a significant impact with the brand and website launch. Key challenges included:

→  Establishing a professional image that showcased her experience and passion for the food industry.

→  Attracting the right clientele that aligned with her vision and values.

→  Building a brand and website with scalability for future growth.

Our Solution

After our conversation with Katharine, we proposed a comprehensive brand and website design package to fulfil Katharine’s objectives. This involved creating an engaging brand identity and seamlessly integrating it into a custom-designed website.

Brand Design

Katharine emphasised the need for a brand that embodied her creativity, expertise, and grounded approach. To achieve this, we developed a unique brand identity that encapsulated these elements:

Custom Typeface:
We designed a distinctive typeface, drawing inspiration from the blade of a knife to subtly reflect her industry. The tilted letter ‘O’s’ added a touch of creativity and personality.

Colour Palette:
A vibrant colour palette was selected to convey energy and forward-thinking, aligning with the brand’s innovative approach.

Graphic Design Elements:
A custom designed brand pattern, hand-picked imagery, including bold graphics and professional brand photography, were integrated, ensuring a cohesive representation of the brand’s vibrant personality.

Logo designed for a food consultant, Food curios food shown in red and black colour palette
Food consultant branding shown on a business card with the logo alongside a bowl of Asian food
Food consultant branding for Food Curious Food applied as a logo in black and white on a yellow mug.
Food consultant branding, Used as a a monogram logo on a purple chefs apron
Mint Sauce Media branding mockup

Website Design
& Development

The website was designed to serve as a hub of information for potential clients, with a strategic focus on encouraging enquiries. Key features of the website included:

Informative Layout: A well-structured layout was designed to effectively showcase Katharine’s services and expertise, guiding visitors towards the desired calls to action.

Custom Design Integration: The website seamlessly incorporated the brand’s vibrant visuals, maintaining consistency and strengthening brand recall.

Client Engagement: Strong calls to action were strategically placed to prompt potential clients to reach out, resulting in engagement and enquiries.

The End Result

At the end of our collaboration, Katharine had a brand and website that stood as a testament to her expertise and creativity in the food consultancy domain.

The carefully crafted brand identity and website empowered Food Curious Food to confidently step into the market and attract the ideal clients she aspired to work with.

Website homepage mockup for Food consultant, Food Curious Food. A bright and vibrant web page with images of food against brand colours.

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