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Brand Design Direction

Everett’s Coffee Company, an independent coffee shop nestled in the heart of York, sought to create and launch its brand identity to reflect its commitment to quality and excellence. With a focus on attracting discerning coffee connoisseurs who appreciate premium coffee sourced from quality suppliers, the brand design direction aimed to convey a sense of artisanal craftsmanship and community-centric ethos.

Project Overview

Our partnership with Everett’s Coffee Company commenced with an immersive exploration of their brand identity and aspirations. Through collaborative consultations, we gained valuable insights into Everett’s unique value proposition, target audience, and brand vision. Our objective was clear: to craft a brand identity that celebrated Everett’s dedication to quality coffee and provided a memorable experience for their customers.

Mint Sauce Media brand logo
Branding for a coffee company in green on a white disposable coffee cup. Showing a large log on the side and a green lid that matches the colour palette.

The Client’s Needs

Everett’s Coffee Company desired a branding strategy that would effectively communicate their commitment to sourcing the finest coffee beans and delivering unparalleled service. As a local establishment, Everett’s sought a brand identity that would differentiate them from mainstream coffee chains and resonate with coffee enthusiasts seeking a premium experience. Our challenge was to create a brand identity that captured Everett’s artisanal spirit while maintaining a contemporary and inviting aesthetic.

Our Solution

In response to Everett’s aspirations, we conceptualised a cohesive brand identity that celebrated their passion for quality coffee and community engagement. Drawing inspiration from the rich coffee culture of the past and Everett’s dedication to excellence, we meticulously designed a logo that harmonised classic sophistication with a modern twist. The logo, featuring subtle nods to coffee beans and artisanal craftsmanship, served as the focal point of the brand identity.

In addition to the logo design, we developed complementary brand collateral including business cards, customer loyalty cards, and shop signage. Each element was thoughtfully crafted to reflect Everett’s unique brand personality and create a cohesive brand experience for their customers.

Vintage green van with Everetts coffee company logo on the side in gold, parked outside an elegant building.
Branding for Everetts coffeee company on the side of a canvas tote bag with their log in the corner of the bag
2 Coffee cups being carried in a cardboard cup holder with the coffee shop branding and the Coffee company logo in large gold lettering on green.

The End Result

The branding of Everett’s Coffee Company has launched their brand  within the local community. The cohesive brand identity we created  positioned Everett’s as a destination for discerning coffee enthusiasts seeking a premium coffee experience. From the inviting ambiance of their shop to the thoughtful design of their brand collateral, every touchpoint reflects Everett’s dedication to quality and excellence.

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