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Brand Design Direction

El Loco Cantina, a vibrant and lively Mexican casual dining restaurant, sought to develop a bold and playful brand identity that captured the essence of Mexican culture. Targeting families, young adults, and anyone looking for an exciting dining experience, the brand design direction aimed to convey a sense of fun, excitement, and vibrancy, ensuring that every visit to El Loco Cantina felt like a celebration.

Project Overview

Our collaboration with El Loco Cantina began with an exploration of their brand identity and vision. We delved into the restaurant’s core values, target demographic, and unique selling propositions. Our mission was clear: to design a brand identity that not only highlighted the rich cultural heritage of Mexico but also provided a memorable and enjoyable dining experience.

Clients Needs

El Loco Cantina required a branding strategy that would effectively communicate their commitment to offering authentic Mexican cuisine in a lively and fun environment. The brand identity needed to distinguish them from other casual dining restaurants and resonate with customers seeking an energetic and enjoyable dining experience. Our challenge was to create a brand identity that captured the playful spirit of Mexican culture while maintaining a modern and appealing aesthetic.

Our Solution

Bold and vibrant logo for mexican casual dining restaurant

We created a bold and dynamic brand identity that celebrated their love for Mexican culture and festive spirit. The key elements of our design included:

Logo Design: We crafted a distinctive logo featuring a bold graphic sans serif font with a playful Mexican sugar skull integrated into the letter “O”. This design element not only added a touch of fun but also paid homage to the rich traditions of Mexican art.

Illustrated Pattern: To enhance the brand’s visual appeal, we developed a fun and lively illustrated pattern. This pattern, inspired by traditional Mexican motifs, was utilised across various brand touchpoints including menu designs, packaging, and promotional materials. The vibrant illustrations ensured a cohesive and visually engaging brand presence.

Brand Collateral: We extended the brand identity so it could be used across multiple elements such as business cards, staff uniforms, and interior decor. Each component was designed to reflect the energetic and inviting personality of El Loco Cantina.

Menu design for Mexican restaurant featuring brand pattern, brand logo design laid on a wooden plate
Brand pattern for a mexican restaurant using hand drawn urban illustration in black on red

The End Result

The launch of El Loco Cantina’s new brand identity has successfully positioned the restaurant as a go-to destination for those seeking a vibrant and authentic Mexican dining experience.

The cohesive and lively brand identity we created not only differentiates El Loco Cantina in the competitive casual dining market but also resonates deeply with their target audience.

From the eye-catching logo to the playful illustrated pattern, every aspect of the brand identity exudes fun and excitement.

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