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Brand Design Direction

Drawn By Light Photography, led by the award-winning Lisa, is a premier portrait and wedding photography service based in West Yorkshire. With a studio in Elland, near Halifax, Lisa has garnered recognition for her exceptional talent, being ranked among the Top 10 international wedding photographers of the year by The Guild of Professional Photographers in 2020. Her work spans across various stages of her clients’ lives, capturing moments from weddings to family milestones, creating heirlooms that are cherished for generations. Lisa’s passion for photography is deeply rooted in her family history, and her warm, engaging personality sets her apart in her field.

Project Overview

Our collaboration with Drawn By Light Photography aimed to develop a brand identity that reflects Lisa’s elegant and timeless photography style, while also highlighting her personal approach and dedication to creating a comfortable and enjoyable experience for her clients. The brand needed to resonate with modern couples seeking classic, stylish wedding photography, as well as families looking for beautiful portraits that capture their unique stories.

Clients Needs

Drawn By Light Photography required a brand identity that would:

→  Emphasise Lisa’s elegant and timeless photography style.

→  Reflect the personal and warm experience Lisa provides to her clients.

→  Appeal to modern couples and families looking for classic, high-quality photography.

→  Create a cohesive visual identity that could be used across various platforms, including the website, marketing materials, and social media.

→  Have the potential to expand as Lisa’s business grows.

Our Solution

Elegant logo type created for a wedding photographer using stylish serif and script fonts

To meet Drawn By Light’s needs, we developed a brand identity that balances elegance with a personal touch. Key elements of our solution included:

Logo Design: The logo features a combination of an elegant script font and a classic serif font, symbolising the timeless quality of Lisa’s photography. The design is sophisticated yet approachable, capturing the essence of her work and her personality.

Colour Palette: We chose a refined wine, ivory and sage green colour palette. These colours convey a sense of elegance and calm, reflecting the serene and joyful experience Lisa provides to her clients. The palette is versatile enough to be used across different branding materials, creating a cohesive and recognisable identity.

Typography: The typography complements the logo, with the elegant script used for Lisa’s name and the classic serif font for the business name and other text elements. This combination ensures readability while maintaining a stylish and timeless feel.

Visual Identity: The visual identity extends beyond the logo and colour palette, incorporating subtle design elements that can be used consistently across all touchpoints. These include patterns and textures inspired by Lisa’s photography style, adding depth and visual interest to the brand.

Exhibition Stand: We designed a pop up stand for Lisa to use when exhibiting at Wedding Fayres, designed to showcase her brand and her award winning work, and appeal to her potential clients with the goal of increased enquiries and bookings.

Growth Potential: The brand identity was designed with future growth in mind. As Lisa considers expanding, the brand elements can easily be adapted to new marketing materials and platforms, ensuring consistency and continuity.

Business card on decorative background showing primary logo for wedding photographer
Strategy booklet created for a wedding photographer
Primary logo, submark and colour palette for a wedding photographer displayed on table top

The End Result

The new brand identity for Drawn By Light Photography has successfully captured the elegance and timeless quality of Lisa’s work, while also reflecting her warm and personal approach.

The sophisticated logo, cohesive visual identity, and compelling storytelling have created a strong, recognisable brand that resonates with both modern couples and families. The refined wine, ivory and sage green colour palette adds a touch of sophistication, making the brand stand out in a competitive market.

This cohesive branding has enhanced Lisa’s online presence and marketing efforts, attracting new clients and solidifying her reputation as a top-tier photographer in West Yorkshire and beyond.

Primary logo for a wedding photography on a card laid on top of wedding table plate

“They just seemed to get me and tap into the look and feel I wanted for my brand…”

“Mint Sauce Media recently did my rebrand for me. I really enjoyed the process. We had a zoom chat so they could get a feel for my brand and my personality. They gave me a range of options for colours and logos but honestly the first one was pretty spot on as they just seemed to get me and tap into the look and feel I wanted for my brand.

I’m really enjoying using my new branding to represent my business. I recently had a big exhibition stand made and Chris helped me with the design. I felt so proud with my new stand and even saw my competitors photographing it. I’m about to launch my revamped website with my new branding and I can’t wait to share it with the world. Lisa



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