10 Ways to Get Through a Slow Season as a Creative

Slow seasons are inevitable, but you can use them to your advantage

Summer is traditionally seen as a slow season in most industries

As a creative, experiencing a slowdown in business during the summer months is common. Most people are too busy enjoying summer holidays or taking time off to entertain the kids. Their time is spent laying on the beach or trying not to think about how much money they’ve spent on theme park entrance fees and ice cream, than getting serious about hiring a designer to transform their kitchen or booking a new website copywriting project!

 Instead of viewing this period negatively, take a deep breath and try to see it as an opportunity to invest in yourself and your business. Here’s 10 ways to help you get through this season effectively and come out stronger.

Sandy beach with grass , a family playing in the distance.

Reflect and Evaluate

look back on recent projects

  • Reflect on Recent Projects: Take advantage of the quieter period to reflect on your recent projects. Review client feedback and analyse the outcomes. Understand what aspects of your work resonated most with clients and where improvements can be made.

  • Set Clear Goals: Use your reflections to set specific goals for the remainder of the year. Whether it’s improving certain skills, expanding your client base, or launching new services, clear goals provide direction and motivation.

Update Your Portfolio and Website

Ensure your portfolio is really looking its best

  • Refresh Your Portfolio: Your portfolio is a showcase of your expertise. Update it with your latest projects, ensuring they reflect your current capabilities and style. Highlight diverse examples to demonstrate versatility.

  • Website Optimisation: Give your website a mini makeover. Ensure it is up-to-date, visually appealing, and easy to navigate. Check for broken links, update content, and optimise for mobile devices to enhance user experience.

Marketing and Networking

Continue to use social media and network

  • Maintain an Active Online Presence: Use social media platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, and Behance to share your work, engage with your audience, and showcase your expertise. Using Instagram stories to show the real, behind the scenes version of you. Participate in discussions and contribute valuable content to build your online presence


  • Network with Peers: Join professional groups relevant to your niche. Networking not only fosters collaboration but also opens doors to potential projects, referrals and new friends, and you’ll feel less alone if others are facing a similar slow summer.

Plan for Future Projects

Reflect on where you want to be going and create a plan to get there

  • Create Stunning Passion Projects: Use the downtime to work on personal projects that inspire you. Create a dream brief and let your creative juices flow! Collaborate with other creatives to explore new ideas and push your creative boundaries.These can be shown off to attract new clients in this niche.

  • Business Strategy Review: Revisit your business strategy and identify areas for improvement. Check out market trends and client feedback to align your services with current demands.

Take Care of Your Well-being

Look after your physical and mental health

  • Balanced Lifestyle: Balance work with self-care activities. Book that holiday during your quiet spells. You’ll worry a lot less if you can get away without the worry of client work and deadlines on your return.

Take breaks in the garden to get a dose of Vitamin D along with your lunch, journal on your future goals and maintain a healthy routine with regular exercise, nutritious meals, and sufficient sleep.

Get Organised and Tidy Up

never underestimate to power of tidying up

  • Declutter Your Workspace: A clutter-free workspace promotes clarity and efficiency. Organise physical and digital files, and implement digital tools that simplify routine tasks. Make it a goal to hit inbox zero! Create new processes and documents that improve your workflow and make working with you a more user friendly experience for your clients.

You’ll feel so much more energised stepping into in clean and tidy office space, and your computer will be so much quicker once you’ve sorted out your digital space.

Revisit Your Strategy and Goals

Keeping on target for hitting your goals

  • Review Annual Goals: Evaluate your progress towards annual goals. Are you making good progress to your yearly goals or do you want to change direction? Theres no shame in changing your mind.

Consider market changes and client feedback to adjust your business strategy accordingly. Check out your competition and see where you are positioned.  It may be time to put your prices up, adjust your marketing tactics, or service offerings to better meet client needs.

Develop New Offerings

Launch that new thing!

  • Expand Your Services: Use client feedback and market research to identify opportunities for new products or services.
    Adding complementary offerings can attract new clients and diversify your revenue streams. If you’ve been thinking about introducing a new service this is the perfect time to create everything needed to support it and update your website with all the details.

Add a Passive Income Product

Create a new stream of income

  • Create Passive Revenue: Develop passive income streams such as digital products or subscription services. These products provide scalable revenue opportunities and financial stability during business downturns. If you’ve been thinking about this as a way to grow your income, but become overwhelmed by the thought of creating everything you need to launch , use this time to plan and create!

Embrace the slow summer season as an opportunity for growth and improvement in your creative business. By the time everyone is back at their desks with the “back to school” spring in their step, you’ll be well prepared for the exciting new projects coming your way!

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