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Discover why we chose to be a Brand Styling and Web Design studio...

I want to spend a minute or two on this blog to tell you all about the slightly different direction we have decided to go with Mint Sauce and why we have chosen to do so. Prior to starting Mint Sauce Media, Chris had worked in the graphic design, website design and development field for more years than he’d care to admit, and during those years he’d had such a wide variety of roles. This meant he had a large breadth of experience throughout the design field, so we founded Mint Sauce Media confident that whatever a client’s design needs were, we had the skills to create a great piece of work for them.

Our workload would be incredibly varied, ranging from a web design job to poster/leaflet design, brochures and branding projects. We loved working with our clients on all their projects, but the ones we really got excited about were the branding and web design jobs. We loved reading all about why a business owner had chosen to start up their specific company and their vision for the future.

Often the reasons were so personal and you could tell they had found the business that was really aligned with their personality and skills. We wanted to do as much as we could to help them to succeed. As creatives in the design field we obviously could see the immense value good design and branding brings to a company, but we could see how daunting investing in design can be for a business, especially in the start-up stage. That’s why we wanted to create the services that offer the most value possible when a client chose to make that investment with us.

Chris and Jen Bayles of Mint Sauce Media excited about upcoming website and branding project

We create branding that marries strategy with great design.

We see it as an essential part of our process to find out as much as we can about your business and what qualities make it unique from everyone else out there doing a similar thing, overwise it’s so easy just to get lost in the crowd of competition. We research your competitors and evaluate the market you want to launch into, so when you’re ready to go you are positioned where you want to be and with a brand that is unique and memorable.

Of course we need to hear all about your ideal client as our designs are created to be attractive to that customer and ultimately increase the number of those clients knocking on your door!

When creating your website we continue as an extension to your brand and build the same strategy into your site as your branding. Creating a website that works just as well on a mobile device as a laptop or desktop goes without saying, but we wanted to give our clients a site that’s stylish and actually converts into sales. We could see how these two services made a huge impact to our clients, and would see them promoting and scaling their businesses with their new visual identity at the fore. We saw the excitement and pride that came with a rebrand and the renewed sense of possibility for these companies.

We received messages telling us how many more bookings had come through their new website or how sales were going up and up, and we felt so incredibly proud that we had been a part of this success. So we chose to focus on brand styling and web design/development as our signature services so we could share some of that excitement every day!

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