When a new client clicks through to your website your home page is the first thing they will see.
This is where you get your chance to show off who you are, what you’re all about and what you offer. It’s your chance to capture their attention, build credibility, and eventually lead them to buy from you!

It might sound complicated, but with careful planning and design you can create an epic home page that drives new customers to you. Below are the top five things you can do to create an effective home page that converts.
Write a captivating headline.
Your headline should stand out and tell a visitor what you do and why it’s beneficial to them. You want this to grab their attention right away so that they keep reading your page. We use our headline to state what we do, and then in a short paragraph underneath we explain who we work with, what we do and how we can help our clients achieve their business goals.

Communicate what you offer and why they NEED to work with you!
This can be where you give a little more detail about what you are able to offer. What do you do differently that makes you amazing and gets results for your clients? - Shout about it here! If your clients are checking out you and a few others in your industry, you can bet they’ll start seeing the same phrases over and over, here’s your chance to really set yourself apart and show your uniqueness. You can also share testimonials from previous clients highlighting the benefits of working with you and the results they’ve experienced.

Create a call to action.
Now you’ve got your client on your site, you’ll want to make it clear and easy for them to move from one section of your site to the next, e.g. buttons that led the to find out more and that follow a natural journey through your site.

Create a specific, well-defined call to action for your audience to take once they’ve visited your home page. This could be a call to action like becoming a subscriber to your newsletter or downloading a freebie.

Craft a well-designed page.
A professional and well styled home page is what builds trust with your customers. A poorly designed page will not give a customer confidence in spending their money with you.

Create a balance of captivating imagery and just enough type, with white space to give your design breathing room. You’ll also want to check that your whole site, especially your home page, is responsive on all devices, as the majority of readers will be accessing it on a mobile phone.

Let's Get Social.
Once your audience has spent a bit of time on your site, reading about what you offer and led them to respond to your call to action. Let them know how they can connect with you on social media. This is another touch point with you that can help build the know, like and trust factor. Including all the links in one place makes it simple for your audience to see where you can be found and get to know you.

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