Are you thinking about having a website built for your new business but you don’t know where to begin? Maybe you HATE your existing site and want to start again from scratch?
Either way, you have more important things to do than stress about it, and you’re happy to hand over the project to a web designer. But before you do there’s a few things that really do need considering before you jump in.

What kind of website do you actually need?
The 3 main kinds of website are:

Brochure Website.
This is a basic online presence. This usually consists of 4 or 5 pages. Home, About, Services/Products, Gallery and Contact page. Any customer to your site will be able to find out all about what you are and what you do. Think of it as your online shop window!

Content Managed System (CMS).
A website that gives the owner the ability to make changes to their site themselves, through a system such as Wordpress. A CMS website would allow you to include, for example a blog, forums or membership site. This is a dynamic style of website that can be updated and added to regularly.

E-Commerce Website.
This would include all the basic brochure pages and also shop function, where customers can buy online via a shopping cart and the ability to accept payment through various means eg. PayPal, Credit card etc...

Other Points to Consider:

Do you want to sell your products or services online?
That’s easy to say yes, if you have a range of physical products customers can buy. But a builder selling their services would probably want a client to contact them online and then meet to discuss the project in person, whereas a coach selling online courses would want to complete the transaction online easily. Both sell a service but would have different website requirements.

Are you able to provide copy for all your website pages?
Creating copy that converts is a skill, connecting with your target audience and speaking in your brand voice while making your readers fall in love with what you do can be harder than you think!

Do you have the ability and time to create copy for your site yourself? Would you prefer to outsource this to a copywriter? Either way you need to decide on your copy before your website development begins.

Do you have images and graphics for your website?
Do you have an existing logo and brand identity that you want to use on your website? If not, you will need this in place before you begin work on your web project as this will be needed to create a cohesive look throughout your site.

Think about the images you will need. Each page will need a header image and then upwards from 4 high quality images on each page to bring your site to life and illustrate your brand. Would you look at hiring a photographer to provide your own professional images? Or would you look at sourcing and buying stock photography? Think about how the photos you use fit together, tell your story and fit with your brand style.

To create a website that works well and increases your revenue consideration needs to be given to web design, copy and images equally.

The most beautifully designed site can be let down by cutting corners in just one of these areas. Quality definitely matters!

Some of the valued clients we have worked with

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Max Spielmann