We’ve all heard that branding is important, but have you really thought WHY?
Maybe you thought it was just something us brand designers started spreading around the internet! Let’s just take a look at that: It is important to understand that your brand is MUCH more than the colourful logo or a pretty website. Your brand represents the whole client experience from start to finish. It involves all the elements such as your overall aesthetic, communication style, social media experience and the values behind your business. Your brand is the IMPRESSION your client makes when they first comes across your business.

You have a matter of seconds to make an impression, and good or bad, you will make an impression - If it’s bad, then I hate to break it to you that your client will jump off your site pretty quick. Unfortunately there are no second chances when it comes to first impressions. The stakes are much higher these day when our social media feeds are full of perfect imagery and slick advertising.

It is critical to ensure that your brand is aligned with the overall style and message you want to convey to your customers from the FIRST contact they have with you. It’s important to remain true to who you are when creating your brand identity. If your brand feels like an extension of who you are, it will be much easier to convey your personality and the immense passion you have for your business. This will allow you to engage with your clients more effectively.

But why is branding is so important when it comes to the success of your business? Below are several reasons why a professional brand identity is a must if you’re serious about the success of your business.
Branding allows you to express your unique style, vision and creative flair.
One of the most important tools for creating an authentic and soulful brand, is your unique style, vision and creative flair. This is what sets you apart from the competition because it is uniquely you.

It sometimes seems easier to make your brand so vanilla, you appeal to everyone.
Huge mistake! - Allow yourself to be you and you will attract your tribe, your ideal clients and the ones you truly want to work with. It is only through truly celebrating your uniqueness and finding that style, that your business will be able to reach its full potential. This will also allow you to connect and engage with your customers on a higher level.

Branding allows you to attract your real, dream clients.
When it comes to attracting the right type of clients, there is a significant difference between attracting a client who just want your services and those that are confident in your abilities and love your style and how you work.

The right type of clients will inspire you, motivate you and remind you of why you chose to become a business owner in the first place. Clients who engage with your brand, love your style, trust you and connect with your values, will automatically encourage a more positive service experience.

Branding allows you to stand out and get noticed.
Whatever the size of your business, there is a need to be visible. Creating a strong brand identity through your website and social media platforms is essential when it comes to getting noticed and getting your business seen by your customers.

Marketing to your clients is key, in the form of online newsletters, blog posts, social media updates etc. When it comes to getting your brand seen, the options are limitless. Allow yourself to dream big and think outside the box. Just remember to maintain a consistent image in terms of your aesthetic and communication style to maintain an easily recognisable brand identity.

Branding allows you to establish an emotional connection with your audience.
Establishing an emotional connection with your clients relates back to the need for transparent and cohesive communication. It also relates to the importance of sharing your unique story with your ideal client.

We often find it easier to form emotional connections with people who are relatable to us, for example are you a homely artisan business or an ambitious urban brand and where on that spectrum are you clients? – This all matters.

Showing an authentic visual identity will enable your target market to become familiar with your personality, the values which are important to you and your unique style. Be proud to share your story, to show the ‘real’ you. Your people will connect with your true and honest identity far more than to one which feels and looks forced.

Branding allows you to communicate clear expectations to your clients.
As mentioned earlier, your brand goes beyond the simple design of a logo or a website. Essentially, your brand represents your client experience from start to finish. From the overall aesthetic to the quality of service your clients should expect to receive as a result of doing business with you.

Are you the luxe choice or the cheap and cheerful option in your market? – These are very different markets and looks, and it’s important to know and position yourself correctly for your brands goals.

It is vital to consider how your business and brand will be perceived by your target market, every step of the way. Presenting a clear and cohesive message to your clients will encourage a sense of trust and loyalty. Your clients will know exactly what to expect from you.
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