Two words sum up Mint Sauce's ethos.



A distinctive appearance, typically determined by the principles according to which something is designed.



A plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim.

A little bit about us!

"Hi, I’m Chris, the creative mind behind Mint Sauce Media. I bring my design expertise from over 25 years in the industry as a Graphic and Website Designer. I have worked on lots of design projects in my time, from Posters, Flyers, Magazines and Books through to to Product Packaging, Advertising and of course Company Logos, Branding and Websites. After years of working as a freelancer, I decided to launch Mint Sauce Media with my fiancé Jen, as I realised my passion lay in helping businesses grow and flourish by providing them with beautiful and strategic branding and design.

I am proud to call the city of York my home, and love nothing more than exploring the surrounding area and drawing inspiration from our beautiful location. I'm passionate about house/electronic music and food and drink is also a big interest of mine. When I'm not working, I like to spend the weekend discovering country pubs and sampling their menu. Oh - and the beers!"

"Hi, I’m Jen, and as the Business Development Manager I am the driving force behind the scenes at Mint Sauce Media. As well as sourcing new business, I make sure every project runs smoothly. I haven’t always worked in this industry, after starting out as a Mental Health Nurse and facing the challenges of managing a busy ward, my career path changed course when my eldest child was born. When I received the diagnosis that he had a rare genetic disorder, I knew I had to find a way to work more flexibly to be able to care for him and be able to work in a role I loved, so I jumped at the chance to launch this business with Chris.

Like Chris, I'm a total foodie, and you’ll often find me creating something tasty for everyone in the kitchen. I also love music and can often be found dancing away to my favourite bands at concerts or festivals."

What We Do
The Mint Creative Process

We follow these 4 steps to deliver your project successfully.



This stage is about getting to know more about you. This process involves an initial brand discovery questionnaire, which we ask you to complete before the start of the project. This will take a deep look at your brand, its values, goals and your likes and dislikes. Think of this as your brand sat on a therapists couch! We’ll then arrange a consultation (either by meeting up or remotely) and we’ll discuss the findings from of your questionnaire, thus allowing us to fully understand your vision, the project’s objectives and ultimate goals. This will form the basis of your strategic design.



Once we have the information gathered in step 1, we will focus on looking deep into your industry, your target market and your competitors. We will then create a mood board that captures your brands personality and style. We want you to love your brand so if it doesn’t feel right, that’s OK, don’t panic. We want you to give us feedback and we will make refinements to the style of your brand. The mood board will form the basis of the direction we take your brand so we want to be in agreement. This strategic approach will ensure your brand has real impact with your target market as well as looking amazing. We love a pretty design but our aim is to create an identity that connects with your dream clients.



Once we are clear on your brands personality and style, it’s time to get creative with your logo concept designs, We’ll spend time creating imaginative, yet strategic designs which we are confident will be perfect for your brand personality and your target market. We will present you with a choice of 3 designs for you to decide which is the one for you. Our mock ups will show you how these elements can all work together beautifully in real life. We will be wanting your honest and timely feedback during this stage, so we will be working with you closely to ensure we are creating something that excites you!



We can now finalise your design through 2 rounds of refinements to your chosen design, so if you feel it needs a little tweak, please don’t worry! We will then go on to create the accompanying design elements such as a secondary version of this logo, submark and the colour palette and font suggestions for your brand. Our brand style board will show you how to use your new look seamlessly across your marketing and social media. Once your project is approved then we’ll deliver all the files you need to launch your beautiful new branding, all that left is for you to throw a little party in honour of your brands new look!

The success of your business is the success of our business.
Some of the valued clients we have worked with

Little Vikings
Deliciously Yorkshire
Great Yorkshire Show
Dalesman Magazine
Yorkshire Activity Centre
Yorkshire Event Centre


Max Spielmann